Banned From Chat
  • I live in Red Dead Wiki and Tell Your Story Wiki
  • I was born on December 17
  • My occupation is Writer on Tell Your Story Wiki and Administrator on Red Dead Wiki
  • I am An Aspiring Wrestling Promoter

These are arenas I made in WWE 2K17. The arenas are WrestleMania 33, Raw 2007, Smackdown fist arena, GCW (Global Championship Wrestling) and GCW End Of The World.

What I'm LikeEdit

These people are old souls. Wise beyond their years, they have a unique outlook on life. They are not one to fall into the trends of modern society, instead choosing to live life by their own set of social rules which often date back to the times of chivalry and respect. They are highly intuitive and possess a sixth sense that is rarely, if ever, wrong. These individuals find themselves drawn to older partners and friends as they operate at a much more mature level than others their age.

Raw 2007
Raw 2007 stage
Wrestlemania 33
Smackdown fist arena
GCW End Of The World