My name is Kayla, aka KaylaLove4Sims. I'm a huge Sims fan. And I especially love XUrbanSimsX, aka Jenn. I have been subscribed to her youtube channel for 3 years now (as of when I'm creating this page, January 2017). If you have never watched her content yet, I highly recommend you check her out! She is the funniest and most genuine simmer out there. She is definitely one to bring your spirits up when you're having a rough day. Not to mention her sassy personality and her amazing story-telling abilities, keep all her LP's interesting.

I wanted to create a fandom page to keep XUrbanSimsX's fandom page up to date. To anyone else that might happen to be a fellow suga buga, welcome to my page. :) I hope to create family trees from her LP's on an app called The Plum Tree. (I tried using Family Echo but I have had SO much trouble keeping those trees public.)

I would've linked Jenn's and my social media here. But for some reason, fandom has marked them as spam. Unfortunately, giving the names is the the best I can do... LOL

Jenn's YouTube Name: XUrbanSimsX

Jenn's YouTube VLOG Name: HEY URBAN

Jenn's Instagram: XUrbanBellaX

Jenn's Twitter Name: @XUrbanSimsX

My Twitter Name: @KaylaLove4Sims



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