I hate Kurapika Because his to slowly although actually i like(Not love) because his so strong but the very very unfortunately he's so religious because i hate kristen i dont like him i like his skill just skill no more

Surplus And Appearance:  *his eyes turn scarlet when he's angry

  • Kurapika(1)
    The hair is blonde
  • Strong
  • Gentle
  • Smart
  • Quicker decisions
  • Cool

'Ok this is my expression all about my favorite

Gon Freecs Edit

I like Gon Because his Fast,Strong i like his skill,attitude,ethics,and many things

Surplus And Appearance: *Like a NormalPerson/People.  *The Hair Is Black

  • Strong
  • Fast
  • Cool
  • Smart
  • Hunter x hunter 4
  • Never Give Up
  • Strong Passion
  • A Good Person
  • Loyal
  • Quicker Desicisions