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Hello there, welcome on my user page. Feel free to leave a message on my talk page or message wall!

Top wiki's you can find me
Fantasy Life Wikia
Yo-kai Watch Wikia

Hello my name is KidProdigy (no idea why I changed my user name to this), formally known as ProGamerP9. I am a wikia contributor since August 2009, so I'm here around for quite a long time. I've first started at the Detective Conan Wikia and afterwards I was contributing at various of other wiki's were I now remain unactive because it became too much. Formerly I was editing at anime/manga related wiki's, but have ended that section because great animation or manga has been ended. But, also, the communication with the community at those kind of wiki's under that category (I literally got tired of many useless or unnecessary discussions), so currently I'm doing things calmly.

Currently, I am only contributing game wiki's, with I am contributing at different kinds of wiki's such as: Fantasy Life Wikia, and Yo-Kai Watch Wikia. You can leave a message on my talk page or at my message wall (or whatever), I am never inactive elsewhere if you need me!

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