aka Pera Pisar

Volunteer Developer
  • I live in a land far, far away everybody mistakes for Siberia
  • I was born on June 0
  • I am a cube
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I'll make this as short as possible. If you want a long and, by the time you're reading this, probably outdated version of my profile, you can check out this revision.

  • My username is pronounced /kot͡skaadmiralat͡s/. Most people usually pronounce it like "CockaAdmire-a-lack" but it was rather intended to be pronounced as "KotskaAdmeeralats".
  • I'm male and from Serbia. That is as much personal information as you need to know about me for now.
  • My editcount seems to be lying about the amount of my global edits.
  • My masthead says I'm a Volunteer Developer, but that does not mean I have any additional rights over anybody else.
  • I am everywhere around Fandom. However, most of the time I'm on wikis listed in my userpage footer.
    • Most of the other wikis I joined in order to help with JavaScript, CSS and templates or revert vandalism and spam.
  • I first came to Community Central to ask on chat how does ImportJS work back in the time it didn't even work.
    • Second time I came onto Community Central chat was to ask why does the spam filter reject edits to user subpages ending with .js.
  • I used to do maintenance around here. I'm still sure the situation on Community Central regarding maintenance can be better if anybody really tried to make it better, but I am definitely not as enthusiastic about it as I used to be.
  • I'm often on ##kockabot, #cvn-wikia, #cvn-wikia-newusers, #wikia-discussions, #wikia-spam and #wikia-vstf channels on Freenode. I'm cloaked under @wikia/KockaAdmiralac and my nickname is either Novica44, Pera_Pisar or KockaAdmiralac.
    • I also have an IRC bot cloaked under @wikia/bot/KockaBot and usually nicknamed KockaBot or KockaRelay. KockaRelay resides in #wikia-vstf and KockaBot you'll only see when I'm testing something.
  • I am KockaAdmiralac#9306 on Discord. You can find me on Fandom Developers Wiki or Undertale Wiki Discord servers.
  • I wrote a blog post once on here. You can check it out if you want to.
  • I have a lot of subpages on here that I'm trying to get rid of from time to time. Here are some of them:
    • Accounts — List of all my, active or inactive, Fandom accounts.
    • Blog — Template used in all of my blogs to ensure that proper branding is used and, while a blog post is sandboxed, it is surrounded with collapsible tags with a notice placed before expanding.
    • chat.js — Just for testing chat scripts.
    • chatbot-rb — Documentation of chatbot-rb, Kerri Amber's Ruby chatbot framework currently maintained by me. If you want to have a chatbot, look there.
    • common.js — Global Discussions JavaScript imported using CustomizeDiscussions.
    • Footer — List of all wikis I'm active on. I only use this on userpages of other wikis I'm active on.
    • global.js — Imports my global JavaScript from my site.
    • global.css — Imports my global CSS from my site.
    • Guestbook — Everybody has one, I guess.
    • Hiatus — Template placed on my wall and this userpage when I'm away from Community Central. You're going to be seeing it more this year.
    • Links — Useful links to things all over Fandom.
    • matrix — My User Activity page but in a single table generated by Matrix.js.
    • nothere — The template I use for wikis I'm not on, but the bot created my userpage. I actually use a script to automatically replace my userpage/talkpage/Message Wall greeting with this after my first contribution to the wiki.
    • Sandbox — This is where I used to keep temporary maintenance work but converted it into a sandbox due to lack of maintenance going on.
    • Message Wall archive — An archive of all the threads from my Message Wall. I prefer removing from my Message Wall to prevent other people necroposting on them. It is also a much neater view than endless pages of threads on my wall.
Матерњи језик овог корисника је српски.
WLB-Serbian Овај корисник је Викија Језик Бригадир на српском.