aka Pera Pisar

Volunteer Developer
  • I live in a land far, far away everybody mistakes for Siberia
  • I was born on June 0
  • I am a cube
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About me

Where am I

I can very often be found around these wikis:

I very often help with JavaScript, CSS and templates on other wikis, as well as revert vandalism and spam. If you want to see the full list of wikis I've contributed to, look here. If you want to know what I'm doing on the listed wikis, visit my userpages over there for descriptions that used to be in this userpage before but I felt like they were more suited there.

Community Central

I first came to Community Central to ask on chat how does ImportJS work back in the time it didn't even work. Second time I came onto Community Central chat was to ask why when creating a user subpage that ends with .js spam filter rejects the edit.

Afterwards I was there pretty much to answer people's questions, up until the time I realized how messy Community Central is and how cleanup is desperately needed. Then I started reporting user blogs and later got thanked for that.* And then I did stuff that I'll later regret.

Nowadays on Community Central I am usually:

and generally trying to make Community Central a better place to be on.


I'm around the VSTF Wiki often to report vandalism, spam, spam and (did I mention) spam. However, I do not prefer being contacted over there except by VSTF members.


I'm also often on ##wikia, #cvn-wikia, #cvn-wikia-newusers, #wikia-vstf and #wikia-discussions channels on Freenode. I'm cloaked under @wikia/KockaAdmiralac and my nickname is either:

  • Novica44
  • Pera_Pisar
  • KockaAdmiralac
  • perapisar or
  • ```kek``` (for trolling people at the Discord side of ##wikia relay :^) )

I also have an IRC bot cloaked under @wikia/bot/KockaBot and usually nicknamed KockaBot or KockaBot1.


  • chat.js — Just for testing chat scripts
  • global.js — Imports my global JavaScript from my site
  • global.css — Imports my global CSS from my site
  • Message Wall archive — An archive of all the threads from my Message Wall. I prefer removing from my Message Wall to prevent other people necroposting on them. It is also a much neater view than endless pages of threads on my wall
  • Sandbox — This is where I used to keep temporary maintenance work but converted it into a sandbox due to lack of maintenance going on
  • User report — A table of users that uploaded user page images, sortable by the number of contributions. Only lists users with 100 or less contributions. This hasn't been updated for a while but I'll get to it when administrators decide to do maintenance again
  • Blogs — A table of user blogs smaller than 300 bytes, sortable by the size. Requested by Aiihuan :P
  • Talkpages...? — a report of talkpages on Community Central
  • nothere — The template I use for wikis I'm not on, but the bot created my userpage. I actually use a script to automatically replace my userpage/talkpage/Message Wall greeting with this after my first contribution to the wiki
  • FAQ — FAQ template for my Message Wall
  • Stalk — Stalk/Unstalk template for my Message Wall. Used globally
  • Links — Useful links to things all over Wikia
  • chatbot-rb — Documentation of chatbot-rb, sactage's Ruby chatbot framework currently maintained by me. If you want to have a chatbot, look there
  • Dictionary — Contains translations of sentences that are usually misunderstood in chat. Ironically, only one language is used
  • Petition — To add a cube emoticon to CCC. Sign plz
  • Special pages — List of all special pages I've heard of
  • antispam — Documentation of my antispam plugin for chatbot-rb
  • Footer — List of all wikis I'm active on. I only use this on userpages of other wikis I'm active on
  • common.js — Global Discussions JavaScript imported using CustomizeDiscussions
  • Accounts — List of all my, active or inactive, Wikia accounts
  • matrix — My User Activity page but in a single table generated by Matrix.js
  • Blog — Template used in all of my blogs to ensure that proper branding is used and, while a blog post is sandboxed, it is surrounded with collapsible tags with a notice placed before expanding. I don't really blog often, though...


Матерњи језик овог корисника је српски.
WLB-Serbian SR | Serbian Brigadier
Овај корисник је Викија Језички Бригадир за српски језик.

Викијина Језичка Бригада је добровољни пројекат корисника платформе Fandom за помоћ при превођењу својих и других друштава на домену на разне друге доступне језике. Можете захтевати преводе и корекције од наших бригадира (чланова пројекта). Прочитајте више о нама на овој страници.

Предности учествовања у пројекту

  • Ми смо забаван и активан тим с којим би дефинитивно желео да радиш.
  • Твоје име ће се прочути и можда привући кориснике за твој вики.
  • Твој напор ће дати шансе заједницама којима је потребна помоћ.

Викијина Језичка Бригада увек тражи нове чланове! Све што треба да урадиш да се придружиш, је да ставиш своје корисничко име и ниво знања језика на листу чланова за српски и друге језике. За још питања, можете контактирати Јаталу, вођу пројекта.

Vikijina Jezička Brigada je dobrovoljni projekat korisnika platforme Fandom za pomoć pri prevođenju svojih i drugih društava na domenu na razne druge dostupne jezike. Možete zahtevati prevode i korekcije od naših brigadira (članova projekta). Pročitajte više o nama na ovoj stranici.

Prednosti učestvovanja u projektu

  • Mi smo zabavan i aktivan tim s kojim bi definitivno želeo da radiš.
  • Tvoje ime će se pročuti i možda privući korisnike za tvoj viki.
  • Tvoj napor će dati šanse zajednicama kojima je potrebna pomoć.

Vikijina Jezička Brigada uvek traži nove članove! Sve što treba da uradiš da se pridružiš, je da staviš svoje korisničko ime i nivo znanja jezika na listu članova za srpski i druge jezike. Za još pitanja, možete kontaktirati Jatalu, vođu projekta.