aka Matheus Leał

  • I live in Florianópolis, Brazylia
  • I was born on September 5
  • My occupation is Uczeń
  • I am Mężczyzna

Welcome to my page :D

My name is Matheus Leal. I'm a 25 years old dude from Southern Brazil, but I'm a grandson of Poles and I have always loved everything about Poland. My passion is for languages, specially the Slavic family, but I also like Romance and I have some taste for the Germanic ones too. I don't really speak several languages fluently at all, but I'm improving my knowledge in all of them. I'm safe to say that I speak English and Spanish in an advanced level, Polish at an intermediate level, and I learn Russian, French and German by myself, those being languages which I'm a complete beginner. I currently work for a company that provides medical products in my country but my goal is to become a language teacher – it may be either Spanish or English, but I'd be really pleased to teach Polish or Russian, or even French, but I must improve all of them first :)

I'm active at my main projects, mainly Polska Wiki, a Wiki about Poland, with an alternative history like approach. I run projects in Portuguese too, as it is my mother tongue, like Wiki Crepúsculo, about the Twilight Saga.

I'm a Brigadier at WLB, so if you want any kind of translation from or to Portuguese, Spanish and English, I want to help you! Contact me!

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