Lasaro Ginjou

  • I live in Everywhere and Nowhere
  • I was born on August 9
  • My occupation is Being perfect
  • I am a Phoenix
About me
Hi. I am Lasaro Ginjou (a.k.a. Lasaro).

I live in England but I'm not Englsh. Where I'm from??? Secret!!!. I will tell you though that I'm European and that I am an adult (in age at least) :P. My hobbies are walking, music (playing, writing, listening), manga/manhwa reading, wiki editing.

I like working together as a team with people. Makes it more fun. I believe I'm open minded and have a friendly attitude so do not hesitate to talk to me.

Why I Joined Wikia?

I really like The Breaker Manhwa so I decided to help out in its wiki. Working with a community of editors seems quite fun to me. This is also what drove me to adopt the wiki, which had no Admin, and became the Admin on January 2013.

Me + Wikis

I edited for the first time in Wikis on September 2012 when I joined. I have gained some confidence from the work that I have done so far. There is, of course, much more to learn. Coding always seemed hard to me but I actually see it differently when I edit in the Wiki.

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