aka Hi I'm Leopardstar

  • I live in Pebbleclan ( Fungirl84374' den )
  • I was born on March 8
  • My occupation is I'm the leader of pebbleclan
  • I am She-cat ( female )

Hello I'm Leopardstar and if you would like to know some stuff about me here yout are in the right place.

. What I look like: I'm a white shecat with grey leopard looking spots which gives me my name.

. My AJ user: If you look in here for my user here it is Fungirl84374

. For more Info: If you need more info about the clan then GO TO THE WIKI!!!

. About my back story: I when I was a kit I lived in Pebbleclan. Most cats Didn't trust me because my father was unknown. They said he was a kittypet which I don't blame them for thinking that. My mother Ignored my questions and me a lot. Some days her wouldn't even feed me. I would go without food until the other queens finally had enough of my squealing and fed me. There was only one cat I was close to in the clan and that was the leader. The leader's name was Icestar. He was the kindest cat in the whole clan. Some cats even said I was his kit, but I only wished that. One day a war broke out between one of our allies. The leader was on his last life and I was a warrior now. He refused to put me in the war. He put me in a cave and left me there. Days past it felt like a moon. I haven't had anything to eat besides what the crows left behind. You could see my ribs even though it was Greenleaf. After a moon went to camp, but what I found wasn't home. It seems the war went on longer than I thought. All the cats finally left and the only one left was Icestar. I ran to him and tried to do something, but nothing I could do to save him. He looked at me and said " Leopardheart by the power of starclan " he paused trying to catch his breath. " By the power of starclan I make you the deputy of Pebbleclan, may starclan keep you safe and one more thing.... I'm your father... " "NO I RUFUSE YOU DEPARTURE TO STARCLAN" I YOWLED. I cursed starclan for what they had taken away but then I realized. I'm the leader. After that is now the present. After that day I promised to keep the cats close to me close and I'll keep it that way.