I am HRH Lothian I by the grace of God, Prince of Lyonesse, Lord of the Lir & Elder Isles, Head of the Commomwealth, Defender of the Realm.  The Most Sovereign Principality of Lyonesse is a Micronation. Micronations are small unrecognized States in existance all over the World. Some Micronations are more developed than others and some simply exist on the interenet and nowhere else.

On January 1, 2012, Nine (9) Seneschals (Heads) of the Royal Tribes of Lyonesse felt it was time to arise the old Lyonian ways and reformed the Principality of Lyonesse, annointing and coronating the Heir of Lyonesse, Mark Thomas Lothian Lane ap Lyonesse. He was crowned Lothian the First on that day. On July 1, 2012, the Principality of Lyonesse stated its Sovereignty and declared its Independence.  On August 1, 2012, the Royal Court, claimed all Family Lands in southeastern North Carolina. some 40,000 acres, and a large portion of the Atlantic Ocean seafloor once encompassing the ancient island Kingdom of Lyonesse.....and so, the Legend rebegins.

We began here in December 2012, just as you, new and not knowing the "how to" of Wikia and its multitude of Wikis but, now we serve as Administrator to two (2) Wikis and the Founder of my own.

LyonesseWiki is my own creation specifically established for the Lyonian Government, its people, and its culture and preservation.

TheGeneralArmoryWiki,, I am proud to Administrate because it is a great hobby of mine and is quickly re-emerging into its own again. It is the study of "Coats of Arms, Family Crests, and Heraldry as an Art". The images in the gallery, I have created myself. If this interest you I invite you to join our Wiki there.


Some of these Micronations have gathered into several groups, one such group being present here on Wikia as MicroWiki.  I invite you all to come visit. Remember when you visit though, you are a visitor and most of these Micronations are developed in their own individual idealisms & political structures, yours may not be their way of thinking so, come visit with an open mind and not a one sided opinion.. 

Enjoy Wikia and join a Wiki today!!!

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