Lox federico

aka Federico

  • I live in Poland
  • My occupation is Tech Lead and Manager @ Wikia
  • I am a geek d(^_^)b


my name is Federico "Lox" Lucignano and I'm a Wikia Staff member.

I work at Wikia in the Poznań R&D office where many of the features our users love are born; in the specifics I'm a member of Wikia's Platform Team, the team dedicated to scaling our software infrastructure.

During my career at Wikia, before joining the Platform team, I had the pleasure to work for various Product Development teams delivering a variety of features: Photo galleries, Slideshows, Achievements, Top 10 Lists and my 2 most favorite projects of all times, the skin for mobile devices (a.k.a. WikiaMobile) and the GameGuides mobile application.

I'm Italian, born in a small town 10 kilometers south of Rome, a technology advocate and an Architect.

I'm also the founder and admin of The Eternal Wiki, a wiki dedicated to the city of Rome and its sorroundings, and of Talk Tech to Me, a curated resource for Tech Talks videos.