aka MaidOfPeace

Vanguard Councilor
  • I live in Siberia/Сибирь
  • I was born on September 15
  • My occupation is Translator, coder, artist/Переводчик, кодер, художник
  • I am Female/Девушка
  • Bio The wings behind your back will grow, when you will join my sleeping home.
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This user is currently on the break and doing their work slowly.

Русский язык для данного участника является родным.

This user has an advanced level of English.

Бұл қатысушы қазақ тілін орташа деңгейде меңгереді.

このユーザーは 簡単日本語を話します。

Цей користувач володіє українською мовою на початковому рівні.

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Rollback (-ru.ut) — 24.02.2016
Translator (-en.ut) — 23.03.2016
Content Mod (-ru.ut) — 03.04.2016
Administrator (-ru.ut) — 07.08.2016
Vanguard (global) — 12.01.2017
Council (global) — 01.03.2017
Squadron (global) — 21.03.2017
Poweruser (-ru.ut) — 30.03.2017

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I'm an active Wikian contributor and a member of some global FANDOM teams, such as Vanguard, Council and Russian Squadron. I've also had the admin rights in the Russian Undertale Wiki. My contributions mostly consist of reverting vandalism, updating interwiki links, translating articles from English and converting infoboxes to new infobox markup. I love working on FANDOM, improving the content and suggesting my help to editors. In the meantime, I'm somehow keen on drawing girls — you can look at my works in my DeviantART.

About my interests: there's not too much. I just like FANDOM, anime, and Vocaloids. Usually I spend my time on trying new things. I'm in love with Sele-P songs and yanderes. My favorite hobby is listening the music at a high volume and sleeping until 9 AM.

Out of my personal hobbies, I like studying a lot of different things; languages, school subjects (additionally) and some coding. I'm still improving my skills. Sometimes, I try to write fanfictions and texts about myself.

After that, I want to let you know I've had a huge contributions history in Undertale wikis. If you know Russian, you can read about my contribs on the Russian Wiki. Thank you :)

Any questions? Please ask me on my message wall!

P.S.: If you've noticed a mistake in the text, tell me on my message wall :)