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Master Ratava

aka 熱沓霸師傅

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June 11, 2012
  • I live in São Paulo/SP/Brazil
  • I was born on October 20
  • My occupation is Published short story author \o/
  • I am Male

I'm Master Ratava, usually called Ratava (read it from backwards, you'll understand the intentional subconsciously meaning of it), a brazilian fanon author and professional author wannabe. The Legend of Korra has already had its debut, and alongside it thousands of events had taken place this semester. A few ideas got me pumped hard enough, and I'm on the edge of planning/writing my avatar fanon. I'm also re-watching ATLA, so I'll be able to embrace the canon spirit of Bryke on ATFS fan fiction project.

Well, I kinda say "to show you another perspective of the Avatar World", my point of view, and as I would rule it, if were I the one who created it. I'm definitely not saying that I dislike canon stuff, on the other hand, I do like canon a lot. It just occurs to me that some things could be a little different.

I am a normal user (lol) on Avatar Wiki (my home wiki) and on some other wikis as: TMNT Wiki, Wakfu Wiki, Xiaolin Showdown Wiki; wanting to contribute on a few others.

What the hell are you doing here (on Wikia)? Personally, I'm here to pass my time, in sort of a productive way. I do get dazzled by having too many issues around here that I'd like to contribute, however I am not capable of doing them all. So, many projects I get involved I try not to disappoint (even if this is so hard on doing.) I enjoy designing templates (even if I am not so good at coding), but I can do a few goodies on jpg and png extensions.

Who are you, Ratava, in the real world? Outside the cyberspace, I'm not Ratava... ¬¬ And that, sucks badly. Real life isn't as pretty as adventure books, mystery TV series, comedy/romance sitcoms or action japanese anime... In real world, I'm a Portuguese-Italian ascendancy Brazilian guy (born in 1985) who has graduated from International Trading Degree. I'm interested in geek-otaku-gamer-nerd stuff, literature, world ancient history (specially japanese).

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