VERY true summary of how a vampire vs. wizard fight would go.


Harry Potter is about how love, friendship, and bravery can conquer all evil. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.

And our Bella can kick your Bella's pathetic little ass.


Twihard idiots say that J.K. Rowling copied Stephanie Meyer. First of all, Harry Potter was made before whatever Stephanie Meyer calls literature was rejected by fourteen publishers who made the right choice and finally published by that one either stupid or too nice fifteenth.

Second, if there is any copying, it is done by Stephanie Meyer.

Sirius BLACK

This is a real werewolf.

Jacob BLACK (Who isn't even a werewolf but merely an Animagus)

Many moronic Twihards hate on J.K. Rowling because they say she copied Twilight. Sirius Black turns into a dog Animagus. Jacob Black turns into a wolf Animagus. Both ride a motorbike. But The Prisoner of Azkaban was made before Twilight so there!

And I think that Twlight should stop copying our names.

​Our Charlie works with dragons.

Yours is a bad parent.

Our Bella is a psycotic fighter who murders and tortures people for fun and is the most powerful witch in the world.

Yours can't fight her way out of a paper bag.

Our Blacks are a family of purebloods warring over what to put their faith in.

Yours are two idiots who think they know eveything.

Our Robert Pattison is a fair and loyal Hufflepuff who was brutally murdered by the Dark Lord.

Yours is a sparking fairy princess.

​Our villian is the most terrible wizard in the world who has seven lives each hidden around the world with death traps protecting them. He also performs each Unforgivable Curse mercilessly on anyone who gets in his way

Yours is a guy who talks posher than the Queen of England.

No one talks like that, Meyer.


Twilight fans say that Harry Potter characters are ugly and that Twilight characters are hot. One, looks aren't everything. Two, I think that Twilight


Creepy person

Pathetic, Useless Human Being (Bella Swan)

characters have competition in the looks department. Take Hermione Granger and Bella Swan. I think that Hermione is beautiful, intelligent, and has a personality. In my not-so-humble opinion, Bella Swan really isn't that pretty. Creepy-looking and pathetic, yes. Pretty and intellient with an amazing complicated personality, no. Plus there are many hot characters in Harry Potter. Draco Malfoy, Neville Longbottom (esepecially in the last movie), Fred and George Weasley, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, to name a few. Twihards also say that Harry Potter looks too dorky with his glasses and scar on his forehead. Well sorry to burst your pathetic Twihard bubble, but some people can't see that well. And the scar on his forehead? I don't think that surviving an Avada Kedrava curse counts as dorky. Have you done anything great like that or do you spend all your time complaining about how Harry Potter sucks and providing pathetic and miserable reasons to your inaccurate belief that the deplorable excuse for literature that you Twihards christened "the Twilight Saga" and wrongfully and unfortunately nominated for the Kids Choice Awards is superior to Harry Potter? That sentence in itself was better than the entire Twilight Saga.


Many Twihards say that Bella Swan is a great role model. That is one of the most untrue things that I've ever heard.

Oh yeah, the perfect teenage girl role model.

​Oh! Poor pathetic me! My boyfriend's not here so I'll fall into a depression-caused coma. Yeah, and when I wake up, my true love sparkling fairy idiot princess will be waiting for me!

​Oh no! I woke up and Edward's not here! I should just attempt suicide and jump off a freaking cliff and Edward will come running back!

​Oh, yeah, great role model.

Just what we need to teach teenage girls.

Meanwhile Hermione.

​My true love left me. I'll continue to put the pieces together to defeat the Dark Lord that has plagued every wizard and witch with fear.

​Oh, no one is here to help or protect me? Please I can do this without all of you.

Bella teaches us that if you attempt suicide when your boyfriend leaves, he'll come running back real quick.

Hermione teaches us that sometimes reading will save your life and that wit and learning will always come in handy.

Hermione teaches us that we can be a princess, a fighter, a survivior, and a student at the same time and constantly save our friends' bacon just by being smart. She encourages smart girls not to be ashamed because you can be smart, but you can still be badass and amazingly awesome.

Bella tries to teach us how important having a boyfriend is.


Twilighters hate on Harry Potter for how our bookset looks.

They're like "are we pirates or something, or something else not real like wizards?" First of all, the Harry Potter chest is unique an

Twilight book set

Book chest

Harry Potter book chest

d amazing. Second, pirates were real.Third of all, vampires aren't real either, so whoever thinks that is a hypocrite.

I know that Harry Potter vs Twilight is the biggest fandom rivalry since DC vs Marvel, but if you pathetic Twilighters are going to belittle us Potterheads then get your facts straight.

Twihards are all like "the Twilight book covers are so unique and amazing, an apple, a flower, a ribbon and a chess piece." 1: it's a freaking apple--what the heck does that say about the story? Nothing! Meanwhile the covers of the Harry Potter set tell a lot of the story--Harry on a broom, trying to catch the Golden Snitch. Fluffy in the third-floor corridor. A unicorn running into the Forbidden Forest.

So there might be some Twilight fans that will disagree with me, but a lot of Harry Potter fans will agree. Twilight and Harry Potter were voted in the Top 10 Fandom Rivalries.

Please comment whether you agree. If you disagree, please put you probably pathetic reason why. I'd LOVE to  hear it. And Harry Potter fans who argue your reason will probably destoy you so. . .

​Satisfying Pictures for Harry Potter FansEdit

The least successful Harry Potter movie (The Prisoner of Azkaban) made $90 million more than the most successful Twilight movie.

And the fact that Harry Potter fans are crazier and more obsessed than Twilight is a fact that has been proven time and time again.
Burning twilight

The only book I would burn.

9 and 3 4ths