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Nikolai Banks

aka Hazel Harvest

  • I live in Ponyville, Equestria
  • I was born on July 16
  • My occupation is Working in Ponyville as a writer, gaming, having fun, Mane Care and Wing Preening.
  • I am Chilling in my Ponyville Crib

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Notice: I am back on this Wikia, but like before my visits to the chat will be rare, even more rare than last time, anyway you know what to do if anyone wants to get in contact with me :) Nikolai Banks (talk) 19:51, January 2, 2014 (UTC)

Hello Friends, Welcome to my Profile
Hi there, my name is Nikolai Banks, but you can call me Niko, or Nikolai or even Nick, either is cool with me. I'm always looking forward to meet new people on Wikia, I'm a Christian and I love Jesus Christ, lol my I Love Jesus avatar pretty much explains that, I am a fun loving fellow, I enjoy to chat with friends and occasionally RP, but not all the time, I also like to help others, when they need help, or just want someone to talk to.

About MeEdit

Hi, I'm Niko Banks, if you want to know more about me, feel free to check my profile on Redwall Wiki. And if you wish to chat to me, please leave a message, on my talk page on Redwall wars Wiki, which is this site or on my message waall on the Redwall Wiki site, thank you, hope to chat to you soon, one more thing it is a good thing I'm such a positive thinker ^^ please leave me a message friend.

I don't ask much from people, except to be respected, treated like any other fan and most of all, to be friends with you, the fellow users of this site.

Another thing, I must point out, I am a dramatic kind of person, I am a drama queen, people, and I also overreact or get worked up, over few things (Which should be understandble) and I sometimes can act out in aggression over things, and say things that are mean, that I don't mean by them, though I say them anyway.

My Beliefs/Religion.Edit

I am a born Christian and I follow the Holy Bible (The True Word of God) I have known alot bout God since I could remember, and yet there is alot I still have to learn alot more, during my holiday back in 2012 down at the coast, I gave myself to Christ, and through Christ I now know the wisdom of God, I still have alot to learn, and the Lord is helping me to do that, to learn and know the Gospel. The Holy Spirit speaks to me whenever I am needed by God. I have been given a mission to do, and for reasons I don't know of, I been brought to know some good friends from all sorts of Coulter, My mission is to give the truth to those who wish to know of it, and through me, Jesus Christ shall speak to those who have questions, no matter what your religion is, I shall answer your questions. If there are any questions, please message me on my message wall.

Thank you for reading, and God Bless. Niko Banks (Talk) 06:57, January 10, 2013 (UTC)

My own Wiki site.Edit

I am the admin of my own Wiki Sites. my first is Farthing Wood Fanon Wiki you are welcome to check it out anytime, if you don't know what Farthing Wood is about, please check out Farthing Wood Wiki for more infomation. My second Wiki is The Country Mouse and The City Mouse Adventures Wiki and here is the third edition of my wikis Puppy in My Pocket: Adventures in Pocketville Wiki, feel free to visit them at any time. I got a new Wiki, and its my fourth, its Redwall Fanon Characters Wiki, a wiki I made and I am working on with Rosethorn, The Chamber of Affinity Wiki. my 6th new wiki is Who's the Boss? Wiki, for all of those Who the Boss? fans.

For those Spiderman fans, check out another Wiki I made with co founder, Stan, hope you guys enjoy Stan and Niko's Spidey Series Wiki And for those G.I Joe and Redwall fans, my own G.I Joe: A Real Hero of Mossflower Wiki. and now a new wiki, and the fanon wiki for Puppy In My Pocket: Adventures in Pocketville Wiki, meet Puppy In My Pocket Fanon Wiki, and now my newest Wiki is The Secret of NIMH Fanon Wiki. and a new edition to my Wiki sites, meet the new The Adventures of Niko and Wild Wiki.

List of Wikis I own.Edit

  1. Farthing Wood Fanon Wiki
  2. The Country Mouse and The City Mouse Adventures Wiki
  3. Puppy in My Pocket: Adventures in Pocketville Wiki,
  4. Redwall Fanon Characters Wiki,
  5. The Chamber of Affinity Wiki.
  6. Dead Island Fanon Wiki,
  7. Stan and Niko's Spidey Series Wiki
  8. G.I Joe: A Real Hero of Mossflower Wiki.
  9. Puppy In My Pocket Fanon Wiki
  10. The Secret of NIMH Fanon Wiki
  11. The Adventures of Niko and Wild Wiki.
  12. Rupert TV Series Wiki
  13. Puppy In My Pocket and Other Fandom Wiki

My Friends and Best Friends.Edit





My Favorite Pages.Edit



Princess Lola

Grand Theft Auto: Pocketville Series.

My likes and dislikes.Edit

My Likes what makes me happy and a good friend.

  1. Christianity.
  2. Meeting Other Christians.
  3. Helping others and those who are in need of help or a friend.
  4. I like to RPG with my friends.
  5. My friends and respecting my friends :)
  6. Being silly and making my friends laugh.
  7. Making fan fictions and blog posts ( I hope you comment I'll be glad if you did )
  8. Horror movies
  9. Coca Cola
  10. Gangs, the good kind
  11. Wolves and Werewolves
  12. Mice, otters, squirrels, foxes, wolves and hares.
  13. KFC (Kentucky fried chicken) its finger licking good :3
  14. Jokes.

My Dislikes what presses my buttons.

  1. I don't like it when people insulte me or my friends. ( Please don't do that )
  2. I hate it when people ignore me when I leave a message on their talk pages,Blogs or Wiki Chat ( It is one of the most ways to offende me )
  3. I really dislike it when people offende me by making fun of me,my religion,the way I spell and being called names ect ect ect.
  4. I hate it when people swear. ( Though I have sweared myself at one point )
  5. I truely hate rudeness, bad manners, horried people, people getting on my nerves about stuff or being blamed for something ( Unless if it's in a RPG ) and seeing other people being mistreated and treated poorly by horrid people.
  6. Seeing fellow users being mistreated and judged for things they didn't do, or seeing new users being abused by hatred filled users who are nothing but ugly to new users.
  7. Satanism, that I hate
  8. Gangs, the trouble making kind.
  9. Remake of classic films
  10. Lousy radio songs.
  11. Disrespectful Christian jokes
  12. Blasthimous and disrespectful talk about Christ.
  13. People who are filled with hatred.
  14. Animal Abusers

Stuff I will tolerate

  1. Alcohol, I will tolerate, but if it gets out of hand, I'll be off.
  2. Gangs, the good kind, the bad kind I won't mind, but if trouble starts, I am gone.
  3. War, if its in an RPG or a computer game
  4. Cursing, but if the person keeps it up, I either ban them or leave.
  5. Rap
  6. Hip Hop
  7. Death Metal
  8. Horror movies
  9. Twilight sega movie series (Though it sucks)
  10. Remake of classic films (Depends what film they make a remake of)
  11. People being late/tardiness, but if it happens too much times, I get seriously mad.
  12. Really random or silly people.
  13. Smoking.
  14. People with bad attitudes.

More you need to know.Edit

I just need to tell you my friends abit more about myself.

  1. I am a good and loyal friend and I respect them even if they don't respect me back.
  2. I have a lot of emotional issues that would explain why I can be random at times.
  3. I like people who are nice and polite, and who say hello when I come on or when I say hello to them.
  4. I don't like being ignored that is one of the many ways I can be offended but if you don't feel like talking just say so.
  5. I have a a mean temper which most of you know about already and is the result of being offended or insulted or ignored
  6. Most important and is no joke, I am Autistic (Don't know what that is look at this link) Autism and this link aswell Asperger Syndrome

So I know there been a few times I've been kicked off this Wiki's chat due to me speaking about my beliefs with other followers, I like to just clear one thing straight with the Mods, Admins and Staff, I speak about my beliefs because I enjoy it, its my passion and I do it because its one of the things that make me happy, if it annoys you, just ignore it and carry on with your day, and if you can't do that, instead of being a bigshot and kicking me off like you have the right to, instead be civilized and ask me nicely to stop or take the conversation into PM, that is alot more easier to do than kicking, and if no one has learnt in the past is kicking is one of the things that provokes me into becoming angry, hostile or aggravated with those people who committed the crime, so to avoid anymore incidents with Mods/Admins, please whenever I start speaking about the said subject, be nice and ask me to stop or take it to PM, there is really no need for kicking, I have a very caring heart and it hurts me when I am treated poorly by others. You can shove the guidelines in my face all you want, I understand them plain as day, but still your actions like kicking offend me, and thats why I become so angry and agitated and mad, but mostly very hurt and embarrassed to come back on.

But anyway the chances of me talking about my beliefs are very low, I have learnt from my past mistakes and I won't be repeating them this year any time soon, and if any Admin does not like this message I wrote on my profile, DO NOT remove it, you ask me to remove it ok? This isn't your profile, its mine, so don't go around vandalizing my profile, no one here sees me vandalizing their profiles, I would never do such a thing, so please respect me, ask me nicely to remove any content of the message above you don't agree with, and if I have not done so yet, be patient and do not remove anything yourself, like I said, I don't remove things from your profile, so don't do that to me, I am nothing but a normal user with Autism, I want to be accpted into this community and make friends with the people I met on here so far, if you got any questions, you all know where my message wall is, in case you don't, here is a provided link -> My Wall

Thank you for reading and have a nice day. Nikolai Banks (talk) 23:00, January 17, 2014 (UTC)

Redwall Wars Wiki starting to dieEdit

It seems like Redwall Wars Wiki is starting to die, so I and few users who are normally on RWW, are going to try bring it back to like.....I hope.

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