aka Neha

  • I live in The Internet. Welcome. I will guide you.
  • I was born on October 31
  • My occupation is mayor of a New French Toast city where there is an abundance of sysop syrup.
  • I am Female

Hello everyone! I am Neha. I am interested in astronomy, physics, and countless other topics. I joined the wikia mainly because I wanted to make and read creepypastas.

They are so beautiful.... hehehehehe

What was that? Or, who was that?

Just me, your creepy alter ego.

Oh okay, what do you want now?

Let me introduce myself tooooo please..... *grunts heavily*

Ok, go ahead.

Hello everyone. I am Ahen. I totally hate astronomy, physics, and countless other topics. I'm just interested in playing games with Jeff the Killer, Entity 303, and Herobrine. They are my friends. Together we wreak havoc on noobs. Creepypastas are boring, compared to how awesome I really am.

That's enough, Ahen. Creative name, just mine backwards. When will you get originality?

Whatever, just call me Jose' fine.

Do you mean Josephine?

No, Jose' fine.

Ok... I'm going to go then...

Go ahead, Neha. I'll go too.