Australian Silky TerrierEdit

The Australian Silky Terrier The home of the Australian Silky Terrier is Australia. Its popularity is rising but in recent years in Europe is becoming increasingly.
The Silky is a lovable, affectionate and friendly family dog. He is intelligent, loyal, robust.
The body hair is much shorter as the Yorkshire Terrier. The Silky Terrier sheds not, therefore, for
Allergies. His coat is silky smooth and should, therefore, have by no means curls and waves.
A neat appearance gives finely parted his hair falling.
Despite its size, it needs sufficient exercise.

Classification FCI: Group 3 General appearance:
Compact, moderately low set dog of medium length. He embodies the characteristics of a terrier like zealous vigilance, liveliness, health and performance.

Origin: Australia

Life expectancy: 11-15 years

Care: Daily brushing of the silky hair and prevents the skin from impurities. A must see is the further trimming of the paws, snout and ears in a cycle of about 6 weeks. Breed characteristics:

Long silky hair parted from blue-tan or gray-blue with a silver or fawn-colored tuft.