oneil spence is an amazing fan who loves supernatural shows and action and loves to watch teen wolf and vampire diaries and searches up his suspicions about the shows any time he gets one that way he can determine the out come and bring a theory to the table so that he can figure out what the writers did not even figure out until after he found out i plot and think of ways situations can come out in the shows like how alllison would have died in TEEN WOLF it is very important that i figure out the outcome so i can be prepared for death or an up risising of someone like how PETER tried to rise up over everyone and like when ALLISON died in season 3 and does not even stop running on about his obbsesions and suspicions he is kinda like STILES mixed with SCOTT but in the end he is an awesome fan and when the shows are over or someone dies ( again like ALLISON ) he feels very depressed and when he reached on season 5 of teen wolf he realized that when he goes on season 6 IT WILL  BE THE LAST ONE!!!!!  and that he will feel VERY  depressed well thats IT thats my article on the type of fan i am im sure there are people who act and feel the same ways about shows like i do.