• I live in Plant City, Florida
  • I was born on August 30
  • My occupation is Middle School Student
  • I am Male

Hi there! Nice to meet you! I am Kyle and im 13 years old. I am a huge Pokemon, Mario, Kirby, Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, Kid Icarus, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, Megaman, Metroid, Donkey Kong and anime nerd. I like talking about these these things, but I can talk about other stuff! I am fun and usually happy, and can cheer you up when your feeling sad :3. But be warned, I can be a bit random at times. Im a really nice guy once you get to know me, so don't be afraid to try to! Also, I must tell you I have Autism so I might not always be the easiest person to agree with. Other than that I am just a normal kid :3. I like to help people, so if you need any help you can either find me in chat or send me an e-mail. I'll provide stuff like that at the bottom.

Status: Fudge... my parole is almost up... in 1 week I have to go back to the worst prison of all..... SCHOOL!



Contact me if nessescary or just to talk


-RP Character-

Name: Kyle Gender:

Male Species: Human/Merman

Mom: Lynn

Dad: Scott

Girlfriend: Looking for one

Friends: Joel, Jake, Jared

Zodiac: Virgo

Personality: Very kind, helpful, loving and smart.

Special Abilities: Fast swimmer, shoot water from hands, can talk to fish.

Weaknesses: Electricity.


Well, that's it. Now buy something and get out.

Just kidding. Bye!