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Banned From Chat
  • I live in Poland🇵🇱
  • My occupation is collecting translations and helping foreign wikis
  • I am Qvm#5130 at Discord
  • Bio I'm looking for translators. So if you speak any language that is unpopular on FANDOM, send me a message :)
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Cześć (/t͡ʂɛɕt͡ɕ/, Hello in my language)! I'm Quentum. I live in Poland. I joined FANDOM (formerly Wikia) in 2013 and I mainly contribute to Star Wars wikis. You can also meet me at FANDOM Open Source Library and Wikia Language Brigade. I can communicate in Polish and English, however I like collecting translations in various languages. Out of FANDOM I contribute to Biblioteka Ossus. I'm also a great fan of Alan Walker music. Leave me a message on Facebook, Discord or my wall, for which the links you can find above, if I can help you with anything or you want to ask me something. :)