aka Roger

  • I live in the West coast of the US
  • My occupation is Technician
  • I am just zis guy, ya know?

About the bunny

The number in my user name doesn't have anything to do with my age. I have had this user name since high school. If you see me here (on wikis where I am not an admin), it usually means I am cleaning up problems that have occurred on more than one wiki.

I am a bureaucrat and admin on the following wikis:

Founder of these wikis:

  I am an administrator on:

I am a content manager on:

Items of note:

  • Wrote a page about dealing with vandalism and trolls for the Phineas and Ferb Wiki that was featured on Community Central.
  • Created a page that helps explain categories, especially the difference between adding a category to a page and adding a category to a category.
  • Though I have Counselor status on the Fandom network, I do not have any special rights on wikis other than what's listed above. If you need help dealing with vandalism, you should contact the VSTF.