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My Profile!!Edit

  • Favorite Wikis: Masquerade Wiki
  • Favorite Nicknames: The Masquerade Queen, the Angel of Music
  • Favorite RP: Masquerade Queen, Jane the Killer
  • Favorite Activities: Reading, talking with friends
  • Favorite Books: I write my own stories, but I do love creepy stories (i.e. Phantom Of The Opera)
  • Favorite Movies: The Phantom Of The Opera, Rango
  • Favorite Shows: Invader Zim, Dragon Ball Z Kai, Regular Show, Adventure Time, That 70s Show
  • Favorite Songs: Phantom Of The Opera, Think of Me, Masquerade
  • Favorite Dances: Tangos, waltzes
  • Favorite Foods: Curly fries, BBQ potato chips
  • Favorite Drinks: Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew
  • Favorite Hobbies: Writing stories
  • Favorite Parties: Masquerades
  • Favorite Restaurants: Culvers', Golden Corral
  • Friends: Mrs. Vegeta, WhatIAm, CPerry...
  • Weirdest Thing About Me: I don't know why, but I always dream about Masquerades. I guess I just love wearing masks and dancing!

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