Red Monstersmasher

  • I live in Ocean View, DE
  • I was born on March 15
  • I am Male
Red Monstersmasher as Shu Todoroki

My car Red Monstersmasher as a Cars 2 character Shu Todoroki

Hello I am Red Monstersmasher.I am a member of a lot of wikis.So I am only 9 years old but I love to edit to all of the wikis I join.But please don't block me just because I'm young.It should be okay to be young and still be a member of wikis.And anyways,about me.I do join the game World of Cars Online.And if any of you staff have how do you say kids that love to play on that game,just let me know because I would love to meet them.My car on the game will be right over there. ->