aka Reiazur

  • I live in a world where there is wikia
  • I was born on January 9
  • My occupation is unknown

Hi, I'm Reiazur, former Wikia editor.

Saw Wikia: 2011 (forgotten date, March?)
Registered: March-April 2012

I like to post creepypasta here because I need to take my Wikia knowledge back after being inactive for months.


(Note: I'll try to post this on Creepypasta Wiki)

I am a normal user of Wikia doing this and that, it was fun because I can meet other users and have fun. I haven't experienced something creepy going on this "thing", though I might just want to share it with you.

While I was editing some pages, putting images and correcting spelling errors, my friend called me to go to Skype. I was curious, noticing that my friend was getting a little inactive for a few weeks sometime. He was starting to become odd, because he adds 666 to pages, puts them with pictures of weird, jacked-up faces I don't know what to call. Here is the conversation we had on Skype:

Me: What's up Carl? Why are you calling me?

Friend: It's need to..

Me: What?

Friend: You see, there's something wrong with my wiki.

Me: Why? I thought you deleted that because nobody comes into it.

Friend: Just make a new wiki..just..

Me: Carl, what's going on?


Me: Carl, what's happening?

Friend: *static background shows up*

That was one heck of a weird conversation we had, though it wouldn't have been had I gone back in time to warn myself. I listened to my friend's request to create a new wiki. His wiki was named "LOLPictures Wiki". It was about editing pictures to give them a humorous look. I typed in the name "LOLPictures Wiki 2". "" was the URL.

After I was editing the Main Page. I