Riverdale Chauffeur

aka Boot Lover

  • I live in a place abundant with boots.
  • My occupation is a Former Bureaucrat, Admin, and Content Moderator on a variety of wikis.
  • I am male.
  • Bio As stated before, while I am experienced, I chose to demote myself on the majority of wikis I edited due to other hobbies. Currently, the wikis you will find me on are shown under "My Favorite Wikis." If you must know some more about me, hopefully you'll be content with these random facts xD? *I Absolutely Adore Boots* *I Absolutely Adore "Star Wars"* (And Last But Not Least) *I Absolutely Adore Fandom* Hopefully these facts answer your questions. Until we meet again (or for the first time), goodbye!
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Wikis On Which I Formerly Had Rights:

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To-do List Across Fandom Wikis

  1. Get the Boots Wiki merged with another boot wiki
  2. Request Community Page for Spirit Store Wiki

That's it for now! --B32(Talk)I-find-this-atire-appealing 22:05, March 7, 2018 (UTC)