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December 29, 2005
  • I live in San Francisco
  • I was born on September 19
  • My occupation is Wikia Community Team
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Hello, I'm Sannse Carter Cushway.

I'm occasionally asked about my name... it's pronounced somewhere between "san-seh" and "san-say".  It's a nickname I've been using since about 2001, and one day I will make it my legal name.  Of course,  my mother will still call me by my birth name!

I used to live in a small town on the East coast of England, but have now moved to the wondrous land of San Francisco. I am part of Wikia's Community Support Team.

My Wikipedia user page is at Wikipedia:User:Sannse, I joined the project in December 2002 and was active there for several years. I'm also a big fan of Uncyclopedia, and have contributed several photoshopped images to the site.


My Little Girl

Daisy Dewclaw


Many of my blogs give advice about the problems that can crop up in communities. My goal is to help communities and individuals navigate these issues and, hopefully, to make Wikia a calmer and happier place.

Some of the blogs I have written are:

Converting Conflict to Calm: Ways to keep calm when disagreements arise.
National Stop Bullying Day: Cyberbullying and how to make sure you aren't the bully!
Kicking Malware to the Curb: What is malware and how to protect yourself against it.
Admin Philosophy: The principles of a good admin.
Keeping Secure and Safe Online: How to protect yourself on Wikia and elsewhere online.
Don't Feed the Trolls: A reminder to Revert/Block/Ignore.
Blocking Best Practices: How and when you should block problem contributors.
A Wiki Citizen's Guide to Communities: How to be a successful member of a community.
On the Internet, Nobody Knows You're a Dog: Deception online and how to stay safe.
Navigating the Wilds of Adminship: How to avoid the traps of poor adminship.
Stand Up and Speak Out: Harassment and bullying, and how you can help those affected.
Why Staff Don't Remove Bad Admins: The reasons for the staff policy of not removing bad admins.
How You Can Work Through an Admin Dispute: Advice on how to resolve arguments with an admin.
I Want to Be an Admin: Advice on how to best work towards getting admin or other rights on Wikia.
How to Get Unblocked: Information on the best ways to try and get a block removed.
Choosing the Right Admins: How to decide who should be an admin for your community.
The Zen Admin: How to keep calm as an admin during a community dispute.
Before You Adopt: Getting yourself ready to apply for a wikia adoption.
Five Things Every Admin Should Know: Tips on the some of the most important skills for an admin.
Promoting Your Wikia on Community Central's Blogs: How to blog about your community on Central.
How to Write the Perfect Blog: How to write a really good blog on any topic.
You and Your Socks:When is it and when isn't it okay to have more than one account?


The best place to contact me is on my Message Wall. Or you can mail the Community Team using the online contact form.

If you want live help, there is usually someone available on the Wikia chat. Why not join us there?

Words of WisdomEdit

Gathered from here and there...

Do good and eat pie

Turning my life around is too hard, so I'm gonna rotate it 90 degrees left

One click on the rollback link will remove the last version of the article and any other versions by the same person, up to the last version by someone other than that person (but not any versions the person did after the first version by someone else)

Everyone else is taken, it's time to be me now

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