Hi, here is some facts about me!
  • My Name: Amanda.
  • Age: U dont need 2 know.
  • Hair/eye colour: Blonde hair naturally but I've dyed it Brown. Eye color? I have No idea.
  • Favorite Colour: Black, Blue, Light Grey and Purple.
  • Favorite Animal: Cats and Hedgehogs.
  • Cupcakes or Cookies: Cupcakes all the way.
  • Best TV- show: iCarly, Victorious, Glee, and Desperate Housewives.
  • Favorite Film: Grease, Jumanji, The Breakfast Club, Coraline and Narnia.
  • I ship: Seddie (always), Cabbie, Bade, Barly and Chair.
  • I'm obsessed with: iCarly, Seddie, Youtube, and Wii.