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Hey there. My name is Shrev64. I love editing Wikis because I love to write and type (Great combination). If you want to know more about me, read my masthead.
I'm currently learning some MediaWiki stuff. Fun fun.

My Wiki SpreadEdit

Wiki Admin Status Activity Status
Sly Cooper Wiki (User Page · Message Wall) Sysop, Crat Active
inFamous Wiki (User Page · Message Wall) Crat Inactive
Angry Birds Wiki (User Page · Talk Page) Sysop, Crat Retired
Sly Cooper Fan Fiction Wiki (User Page · Talk Page) Founder Inactive
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Wiki (User Page · Message Wall) Rollback Retired
iOS Gaming Wiki (User Page · Talk Page) Sysop Inactive
Jetpack Joyride Wiki (User Page · Talk Page) Sysop Inactive
Mega Jump Wiki (User Page · Message Wall) Founder Inactive
Mega Run Wiki (User Page · Talk Page) Sysop Inactive


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