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  • I was born on January 29
  • My occupation is Singer/VA on YouTube
  • I am Female
Fluttershy by ukulilia-d7p7etl


Hello there fellow Wikia user! My name is Rebecca, aka Snowkitteh223. I am a 13 year old girl who can sing, draw, dance, voice act, perform, and I'm a Brony Analyst for the Brony Community.

Wikia pages I've Contributed to.                    

1. The Invader Zim Wikia

2. The Gravity Falls Wikia

3. The Minecraft Pocket Edition Wikia

4. The Black Butler Anime Wikia

My Interests.                                        

I have many interests such as:

My Little Pony, Doctor Who, Gravity Falls, Invader Zim, Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, Black Butler, Anime, Gaming, The Phantom of The Opera, The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Doctor Pinkie and Miss Pie,  The Pony of Monte Cristo,  The Count of Monte Cristo, The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, and Inkpotts Creations!

I'll explain a few of them if you don't know what they are. (The bold ones I'll explain)

Inkpotts Creations.          
Inkpotts shirt by assassin or shadow-d84fwtj

A photo of Silloute (right) and GhostQuill's (left) OC's for the My Little Pony fandom

Inkpotts Creations is a YouTube channel made by 2 twins named Silloute and GhostQuill, they make storyboard Animatics for the My Little Pony fandom by taking a musical that they like and putting it with My Little Pony characters.

They have made 2 animatic sets, one being with Pinkie Pie and Pinkamena Diane Pie (Pinkamena Diane Pie is Pinkie Pie's insane side), and the other being with Rainbow Dash. Pinkie and
Laughter shirt by assassin or shadow-d84fx0p-1

Doctor Pinkie and Miss Pie art done by Silloute.

Pinkamena's animatic set is a Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde concept called "Doctor Pinkie and Miss Pie" and Rainbow Dash's animatic set is a The Count of Monte Cristo concept called "The Pony of Monte Cristo." Rainbow Dash's animatic set is not finished yet.
Loyalty shirt by assassin or shadow-d84fx3p

The Pony of Monte Cristo art done by Silloute

Silloute and GhostQuill have announced that they are doing an animatic set with Fluttershy, her animatic set is going to be a concept of "The Phantom of The Opera" which I'm excited for. Because as mentioned, I love Phantom!

Silloute and GhostQuill said they are going to do Twilight Sparkle's animatic set next, but haven't decided on what musical they are planning on using.

Doctor Pinkie and Miss Pie.               

Doctor Pinkie and Miss Pie is a Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Hyde and pink by assassin or shadow-d7jnb7z-1

Some Doctor Pinkie and Miss Pie concept art done by Silloute

concept with My Little Pony put into it, the story is very awesome I'll have you know. It's very, very similar to the story of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde as well.

The story follows Doctor Pinkie, a mare trying to create a formula to separate the good from evil in anyone. She has high hopes on using this formula to help save her sister, Maud Pie, from her comatose state. She is turned away, and she is not given the subject she asked for by the High Council of Canterlot Hospital.

She tries the formula on herself and is given the side effects, then she goes through tremendous amounts of pain and finds herself out of control. A new mare takes place and her name is Pinkamena Diane Hyde, and she makes her way to Canterlot's streets, and begins to kill everypony in sight. 

After that night, Pinkie hides herself away from the world, in fear of what Pinkamena may do. She asks her butler, Fluttershy to get drugs for her so Pinkie can make the antidote. But she is left unsuccessful. After a few more weeks of misery and transformations, Pinkie is expected to be married to another colt by the name of Cheese Sandwich.

The wedding ceremony is interrupted by Pinkamena, trying to take hold of Pinkie's body again. Pinkie pleads for her best friend, Twilight Utterson to kill her, but Twilight says no. So in attempt to save the lives of her loved ones, Pinkie kills herself, and she dies.

So that's the story, but I actually made that up and tried to match it best as I could to the actual story of Jekyll and Hyde.

The Pony of Monte Cristo.               

So The Pony of Monte Cristo is a concept of The Count of Monte Cristo with My Little Pony put into it.

(I have taken a short break editing my page)