aka Halo Mercenary. (XboxLive)

  • I live in my knightly DISCORD the "Mercenary Guild". Code: 444925095321010186
  • I was born on February 5
  • My occupation is Rogue SPARTAN-IV
  • I am Male.

I'm Sebastian.

I make contributions as well as edits to wikipedias.

I've put profiles on wikipedias I actually do manage. I am a Bureaucrat/Founder for Deadpool, Snake Wiki & Vegeta Wiki.

I train as a swordsman. I love manga, RuneScape & Halo. You can reach me on RuneScape as Avenger 1992.

I love to skateboard and talk with just about anybody.
RuneScape Shirton

Hi I am Sebastian Dabrowski

I have taught myself the way of the ninja rambo we see occasionally on T.V. Like Ryan Reynolds interpretation of the Jameson's Mamba or Storm Shadows interpretation of a peach Taipan.

My spirit animal is the Malayan Pit Viper and I am a Warrior of the Snake!