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I will be taking a break from wiki matters on FANDOM for a few weeks (starting 01/01).

About Me

Hi, I'm Speedit. I'm a huge fan of animanga, electronic music, novels and videogames. When I'm not lurking around different wikis, I moonlight as a Vanguard member. I'm good at helping users with Portable Infoboxes or CSS. You can often find me moderating in Community Central chat, or coding something new.
My sig: β€’ speedy β€’ πŸ””︎ β€’ πŸš€︎ β€’

links: my sandbox β€’ sprites β€’ message wall β€’ edits



πŸ“Œ︎Β·My local activity here.


My activity here

I'm a chat moderator here. I often pop by the forum and give tech help too.