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aka Michelle

  • I live in I wish a world where everyone was veg@n!!!
  • I was born on June 27
  • My occupation is Taking care of ABW
  • I am Part bird

Hello, I'm Michelle and I'm obsessed with birds! I have been since I was eleven!

I own All Birds, which takes place in an alternate universe.

Oh yeah, these birds, Large-billed Terns are so pretty! They wouldn't happen to be thinking of me, would they?

All Birds is in SPOTLIGHT!

P.S. my wiki was in Spotlight for a while, but it seems to be gone. :-/ Hope they re-add it someday.


Comments on this... here goes. Eww. Just eww. I hate this. It's ugly as sin. Then again, I hate ads. They serve no purpose. I don't care if they make money for the website. Also, ADS IN THE ARTICLE SPACE?! What kind of BS is that?! WTF wants to have an AD while they're reading? When I read a book, there are NOT ADS IN THE BOOK! There is no such thing! (Magazines don't count, because ads don't randomly play.) Ads with video or audio should exist, period. Also, Wikipedia DOES NOT HAVE ADS! Wikipedia makes money from DONATIONS, NOT ADS. Why can't Wikia do this, too?! Now about the titles. They are too damn big! And the recent activity box at the top IS NOT NECESSARY, HONESTLY. It pushes the beautiful infoboxes down! (I hate the right rail to begin with! I find it to be annoying. WHY NOT GET RID OF IT, and make more space for articles?! I bet editors and visitors to Wikia would be a lot happier!) Honestly, if Wikia goes through with this, I might leave. But I have no idea where else to go...


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