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NAME: Suteki-Virus

AGE: 15 Earth Years Old

GENDER: Female


Tumblr m0gp0jU3GF1qbeqcyo1 500

Suteki-Virus is a lackadaisical human on the face of this planet. Her likes are hard to access; for everything towards her is plain and even mundane because she gets bored easily. For this reason she wears a nonchalant face most of the time and gives off the impression to outsiders. There is a switch in her mind labeled: completely unintersted, or sickingly obsessed. No inbetweens. When switched, her life soley revolves around Anime, Code Lyoko, Vic Fuentes and Hentai. She's a perverse magical faggot and there are others like her, you just need to find 'em.

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