aka Patrik

  • I live in Khazad-dûm
  • My occupation is Being a Flaming Spirit of Power
  • I am A Balrog
  • Bio Councilor, Admin, and Bureaucrat
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Hi there! Besides being a Councilor, I'm an active Administrator of multiple Wikias, particularly and If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on my Message Wall.

My Wikis
Name Rights Joined Status
Ashtown Burials Wiki Bureaucrat 04/3/2014 Semi-Active Wiki Administrator 22/7/2017 Active
Community Central - 25/7/2017 Active
Flanagan Wiki Administrator 19/10/2017 Semi-Active Wiki Bureaucrat 25/10/2017 Active
Dev - 25/10/2017 Semi-Active Wiki Administrator 31/10/2017 Semi-Active
TheGoldenPatrik1 Wiki Founder 07/1/2018 Active
VSTF Wiki - 28/1/2018 Active