aka Patrik

Vanguard Councilor
  • I live in Khazad-dûm
  • My occupation is Being a Flaming Spirit of Power
  • I am A Balrog
  • Bio Vanguard, Councilor, Dev Content Mod, and CVN
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Hi there! Besides being a member of the Vanguard and Council teams, I'm also an Admin of several Wikis, particularly and I can also be found reverting Spam/Vandalism.



My Wikis
Name Rights Bot Joined Status
Ashtown Burials Wiki Bureaucrat Yes 04/3/2014 Inactive
Lord of the Rings Wiki - Yes 05/3/2014 Semi-Active Wiki Administrator Yes 22/7/2017 Semi-Active
Community Central - No 25/7/2017 Semi-Active
Flanagan Wiki Administrator Yes 19/10/2017 Semi-Active Wiki Bureaucrat Yes 25/10/2017 Active
Dev Wiki Content Moderator Yes 25/10/2017 Active
TheGoldenPatrik1 Wiki Founder No 07/1/2018 Active
VSTF Wiki - No 28/1/2018 Active
My Blogs
Name Highlight Date
A Practical Guide to Bots Highlight 01/12/2017
Best Signature Practices Highlight 22/1/2018
An Introduction to Dev Highlight 05/2/2018
Which Editor? Highlight 25/2/2018
Vandalism and Spam, Part 1 Highlight 26/7/2018
Vandalism and Spam, Part 2 Not Highlighted 10/8/2018