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aka Moon Jellyfish

  • I live in The Ocean
  • My occupation is Being a Jellyfish
  • I am Relaxing
Call me Lunar or THL2
I'm a Narwhal i am cute and awesome pls love meh if yiu don't i will turn into a demon

Facts About Me Edit

I like editing on Wikia

Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

  • Layten i nice friend from over seas and trusts in me
  • Ryne a nice experienced editor who is nice
  • Cosmic a good Roleplayer on the chat

Neautrals Edit

  • HHW not friends not enemies
  • alot of other users i have not met or know alot

Eniemies Edit

  • None thxfully

Chat Edit

I hang around and do RPs

Fasinations Edit

Vore, Hurricane, etc

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