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Councilor Chat moderator
  • I live in Oblivia
  • I was born on February 20
  • My occupation is Councilor, Fan Contributor, Community Central Chat Moderator
  • I am dancing to the distortion
  • Bio New life who dis
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Hello, I am TheOneFootTallBrickWall, but you can call me Brick.

Fun Facts:Edit

Cyanide3 is Bae <3

My profile pic is: Katy Perry, in case you were wondering.

Why Am I here?Edit

Hi there! I was most likely here because there was some spam and/or vandalism, and I was undoing it or reporting it.

Report Bad Profile | Report Spam | Report Vandalism | Report Wikis | Report suspect Users and IPs | VSTF
for me
Updated: 01/04/2017 Version: 4.1.4

Where Am I (On Fandom)Edit

You can find me on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, where I am an administrator. I am also an admin on the House Of Cards or the Apple wiki. I am also a Chat Moderator over on Community Central.

Brick's Wikis
Name Link Status
House Of Cards Wiki [1]Bureaucrat and admin
ESB [2]Admin
Apple Wiki [3]Admin
Community Central Wiki[4]Chat Mod
Steven Universe [5]User
Sims Wiki [6]User
SpongeBobia Network Wiki[7]User

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