Call me Renma.:)


I like making wikis and bios and stuff, so that's probably the main reason why I made an account here.:) I also like Twilight (the series and the movies) and I also love reading books. I'm a bookworm so I read almost anything Rated PG-13 and below.:) Those are my boundaries so anything above that, I don't care.:/

I'm a Taylor Swift Fan (Called "Swiftie" for short) and if you are one, too, then I would be very happy to meet you aand be friends with you! :3

I like playing our Wii, and I also love Anime (but I'm not a total Otaku, though. Once, I was, but I only read Mangas and watch Animes for entertainment now :/) and I made an account here last time, but I forgot my username so I made another one here.:D I had a Wiki about Arc Rise Fantasia here, and I finally completed it. The title's Arc Rise Fantasia Addict! and I don't edit it anymore since it's already finished.:D I let other people edit it for me if they see some errors and stuff.

Future WikisEdit

Maybe I'm going to make a Wiki about Twilight someday, or an Anime Wiki. Or maybe a Wiki about Percy Jackson and the Olympians.:D So once I do, I would really appreciate it if you comment on it and tell me what you think about it.:D


I like music and writing stories. I also love cute pics and the color blue.:D Here is a music video that I am currently getting LSS from.:D I may change this from time to time if I'm not feeling lazy.:)