Withersoul 235

aka Wither

  • I live in Belgium
  • I was born on May 14
  • Bio Hello there, reader! I am Wither (please call me Wither), a user on Wikia. ...What more is there to say about me, tho? Look me up on my foremost wikis to find more about me.
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Might make something out of this. Might not.

Either way, head to my userpages on my prime wikis for more info.

Other Accounts

  • Steam: The Withered Accomplice
  • E-mail: - IMPORTANT: Notify me and wait for my approval before sending an email.
  • GameFAQS: ShatteredLight
  • Minecraft: WitheredStriker
  • Amino: Withersoul 235 / The Withered Accomplice (varies per Amino)
  • OpenGeoFiction: Withersoul 235
  • Kahoot: LVDP01
  • Linoit: Flassico
  • Wix: Withersoul235
  • Game Oldies: The Withered Accomplice
  • DeviantArt: WitheredAccomplice
  • Twitch: TheWitheredAccomplice
  • Discord: Wither (tag: #1686) [NOTE: I will not connect my voice to people I don't know IRL, ever]
  • SSF2: ShatteredLight
  • Wattpad: WitheredAccomplice
  • The Withered Accomplice
  • Withered Accomplice
  • Wikidot: Nucleus82
  • Tumblr: witheredessence467

My Skype is personal; I won't reveal it to anyone.