• I live in Wuhan, China
  • I was born on March 14
  • I am Male

You can identify me via this avatar in other website

Hi, everyone, I am a chinese player. I am a bit disappointed about chinese game wiki, so I come here, the wikia, to consult more knowledge and news about the games I like. My favorite games are Battlefield, Elder Scrolls, Grand Theft Auto. I pay most of my time on these three games, and intend to create a blog writing down what I thought about each game, and providing some kinda techniques to my readers. I am new here, so I have to learn more about how to edit and what is more is that I have to develop my english ability. I like to make friends, especially those who share the same favorite games with me.  My steamID is qiujuncheng, you can find me in steam community.​

My favorite wikisEdit