aka Isabella Byrd

  • I live in under my bed
  • I was born on June 1
  • My occupation is Lesbian dweeb
  • I am girl unicorn

Me, myself and My infoEdit

I'm a Yandere. I'm 17,18 on June 1st. Class of 2018, tomboy and video gamer.

Ashton Morehead's little sister

Brooklyn Avery's BFF only!

Please feel free to leave a message here.

Stop reporting my blogs....they're about anime so.. leave it alone

Rules 101Edit

  • I like new friends, but if you bully me you will be deleted
  • I like things to stay postive
  • If you don't like me as Yandere chan please nicely explain
  • There's always a way to solve things
  • WARNING!! I DO POST RAGING BLOGS!!! But you are not allowed to report me due to the fact I'm sticking to character!!!!
  • And no I'm not an actual mass murderer.
  • Wiki Page: Youareyanderechan or youareyanchan
  • -Yandere Chan- Isabella Byrd-