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馬奔程 February 5, 2011 User blog:馬奔程

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今天一早就去樓下那間面飽店買個面飽做早餐,平時3.5元的面飽從今天起要4.5元了.老闆娘還大大聲說最低工資立法了,來料也貴了,人工也要加.政府大大聲說香港經濟好轉了.可是打工一族只有賣力和老闆共渡艱難的義務,而沒有共享成果的權力.加了丁點的工資,遠遠追不上通貨膨脹.那些奸商又乘機加價.馬奔程 14:38, February 5, 2011 (UTC)

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