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    I'm here to promote the wiki in which I'm an admin, Hunter × Hunter (pronounced as Hantā Hantā). Yoshihiro Togashi is the mangaka of this series, and the creator of Yu Yu Hakusho. Hunter × Hunter an current ongoing manga, and has 340 chapters so far. However, Togashi is on a hiatus (break).

    The Hunter × Hunter anime has two versions: the 1999 and the 2011 series. The 1999 series has a total of 92 episode, including the OVA, while the 2011 series has currently 30 episodes and is still ongoing.

    The story focuses on a young boy named Gon, who spent all his life living in an island with his aunt and grandmother, and believing both of his parents died in an accident when he was still a baby. When Gon reached the age of 9, he met Kite, an apprentice o…

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