Creation Wiki

Hello. You can call me Chrome, and I've created a wiki named Creation Wiki. We've been running ever since December of 2014. Soon, the wiki will be 2 years old.

Our wiki is focused on creating and sharing anything that you want. Any sort of idea you have (that follows the guidelines, of course) can be created and shared on the wiki. We have no true restrictions on what type of content is created, but if it violates our rules on what's not acceptable (i.e. porn, gore, harassment) the page will be blanked or removed. Whether it's a long story project with tons of research and hard work put into it or a simple page with nothing more than a few words, we welcome any and all users to come and try out our wiki. We also have three administrators and one chat moderator, however, this will change in the future as we expand to a bigger team.

We have a small userbase and a lot to improve on, but if you'd like to contribute please feel free to. Thank you for reading this and if you do check out the wiki, we hope you enjoy your time there.

- .mynameischrome., founder and owner of the wiki.