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November 5, 2010
  • 1dra7

    The Writer's Resort Wiki

    June 12, 2013 by 1dra7

    On the Writer's Resort Wiki, you can write any kind of Fictional story you want! Pick a genre and begin writing your story, and become a part of our growing community! We accept any and all users who want to come on and write a story of their own.

    We just started, and we're looking for more users to join the wiki. Those of you who love to write should come by and write your stories!

    The Writer's Resort Wiki

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  • 1dra7

    Competitive Roleplay Wiki

    June 10, 2013 by 1dra7

    The Competitive Roleplay wiki is a wiki dedicated to games such as Survivor, The Amazing Race, or even Big Brother. You can make anything in relation here, and play in three different types of games.

    You can play Standard, Ranked, and Competitive games based on your activity and willingness to compete. You can earn rewards by playing in competitive games. It's just been made but if we get enough people we can jumpstart the fun. Join now, and if you have any questions, just ask!

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  • 1dra7

    I need to promote my wiki

    November 11, 2012 by 1dra7

    I'm looking for any good ways to promote this. My blogs on the matter are ignored, as well as posting it on 'wikis that need editors'. Any suggestions? If anyone wants to know what it's about, go look at some of my blogs v_v

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  • 1dra7

    So, I've created a wiki. It's called: The Roleplaying Wiki. It's a site for users to come to and make any sort of roleplay they want, as long as it's not sexual. Users can compete in games for fun, and even for prizes.

    Make any roleplay you want: Survivor roleplays, adventure roleplays, zombie apocalypse roleplays, whatever you want! You can even play Ranked and Competitive games for points and prizes!

    Ranked games are games made by users with over 2,000 edits. (Not spammed, legit edits) They may make ranked games and play in them to earn ranked points, which are kept up with on a forum post for yourself. After you have enough ranked points, you can play competitive games where you can earn trophies and medals. (Not real of course)

    You can ev…

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  • 1dra7

    Hello, everyone! I'm here to just advertise my wiki. Hopefully you'll think about joining it.

    As most people enjoy Roleplaying, some people cannot find a wiki on wikia that is very diverse and will allow them to do whatever roleplay they want. Well, there's a solution.

    The Roleplaying Wiki is a wiki that will allow you to do any sort of Roleplay you want. It's good for most people, because most people don't really have a centered topic. Those people who enjoy competitions such as Survivor or Big Brother can come to the wiki and host their own competition. Those of you who enjoy mysteries and such can make your own mystery game and have other users partake in it.

    The wiki is just growing, so we will need quite a few users! And with summer comi…

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