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The Roleplaying Wiki Revamped

1dra7 August 13, 2012 User blog:1dra7

So, I've created a wiki. It's called: The Roleplaying Wiki. It's a site for users to come to and make any sort of roleplay they want, as long as it's not sexual. Users can compete in games for fun, and even for prizes.

Make any roleplay you want: Survivor roleplays, adventure roleplays, zombie apocalypse roleplays, whatever you want! You can even play Ranked and Competitive games for points and prizes!

Ranked games are games made by users with over 2,000 edits. (Not spammed, legit edits) They may make ranked games and play in them to earn ranked points, which are kept up with on a forum post for yourself. After you have enough ranked points, you can play competitive games where you can earn trophies and medals. (Not real of course)

You can even play competitions for adminship or mod powers. However, those types of competitions can only be made for admins. Competitive games must be survivor esque style, or it doesn't count as competitive.

So come on over to the Roleplaying wiki and join our growing community! Anyone's welcome!

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