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PrntScr Agario Chat Skin
Yesterday I've been busy making a new skin, and this time it's one for all gamers: Do you play or did you play it in the past, then this is the skin to install directly. Don't forget to comment!

How to get it?

/* Chat Skin (2Actimv) */
@import "";
global.css wikia.css

You can find all the details of the chat skin here on Chat Skins Wikia. Want a to discover the skin live without installing? Just join the chat on Wiki.

Let me know!

Do you like it or have you found a bug? Please let me know! Also comment if you have ideas for a new chat skin!

Other Scripts

Please see Chat Skins Wikia for all the other chat skins I've made. You can post skin ideas and requests there as well.

PrntScr Agario Chat Skin Full Screen