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Did you know I've already been making chat skins for more than one year? And did you know I've always published them here on Community Central first? You may know that because you've been here as well for more than a year. But now it's time to get bigger and therefore I've been making a new place for my chat skins.

Chat Skins Wikia
I've made a wiki for all my chat skins: Chat Skins Wikia. From now on I'll post new chat skins there first. Though I stay posting skins here, so don't worry. On the wiki you can easily find all skins I've made so far. You can test and use skins I haven't posted yet. Additionally you can find the details of the skins. Besides that you can also post chat skin ideas and requests and ask questions on the forum.

On the wiki you can also find a page where other users can post links to chat skins they've made.

New Year's Eve Skin
I've made a skin for the coming New Year's Eve. You can already find it on the wiki with all the details and the css import code. It'll be posted on this wiki later.

Do you like it? And are you going to visit and use the wiki? Let me know in the comments!