PrntScr Custom Chat User Stars

An example (chat skin will be released later)

Today I want to introduce a new feature I've made for the chat. I've made a script with which you can see what right a user has. A handy tool when you're new to Wikia or Community Central and you don't know who have what rights. But it's also a nice tool if you want to know who to ask for help.


It's actually very simple to see what right somebody has. Just see the color scheme below.

  • Bots
  • Helpers
  • VSTF
  • Admins
  • Chat Mods

However sometimes users have more than one right. You'll see the color which is ranked the highest in the table above. For example when a user has the Chat Mod right, but also the VSTF right, you'll see an aqua (blue) colored star.

How to get it?

Simply copy the full code located in the box below and paste it in Special:Mypage/wikia.css. It'll only work on this wiki. Don't forget to refresh the chat!

/* Chat User Icons (2Actimv) */
@import "";

Like it?

Do you like it? Don't forget to comment it! I'm also open for new ideas of course and when you find bugs or experience difficulties don't forget to let me know as well!


Below the most important notes of this script.

  • If you're not in any group at the moment, don't feel bad. You can also help and be valuable for the community without a star. It's just a way to simply see who to ask a question when you're new for example.
  • This script is made for Community Central. People may won't have rights on other wikis or aren't even on other wikis you visit, therefore I highly recommend you only using this on this wiki. This script may be also made for other wikis in the future.
  • Sometimes it doesn't work when you only use the import, when you have this problem try installing the full code located here: User:2Actimv/ChatUserIcons.css. When you do this you won't have updates automatically, so update it sometimes.
  • Other (new) groups may be added or removed later.
  • The colors may won't be visible very well in every chat skin.