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Christmas Chat Skin 2015

2Actimv December 20, 2015 User blog:2Actimv
After the success of the Christmas chat skins last year I've made one for this year. I hope you'll like it. Don't forget to comment!

How to get it?

If you want to get this design you only have to add the code to the top of either global.css or wikia.css. You can also click on one of the buttons to go directly to the page. If you add the code to global.css you'll see the chat skin on all the chats you open on Wikia. If you add it to wikia.css it'll only work on this wiki. If you want you can also add the skin to the wiki's MediaWiki:Wikia.css (special:css) page so everybody will see it on the wiki. Of course don't forget to refresh after publishing your edit and then it has to work after several minutes!
PrntScr Christmas Chat Skin 2015
/* Christmas Chat Skin 2015 (2Actimv) */
@import "";
global.css wikia.css

Let me know!

Do you like it or have you found a bug? Please let me know! Also comment if you have ideas for a new chat skin!

Other Scripts

Please see User:2Actimv/Chat Skins for all the other chat skins I've made.
Previous Christmas Skins

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