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It must have happened to you some time. A user with a remarkable username of which you don't really know how to pronounce it correctly. Whether it's on the recent activity pages or just in the chat. When you really want to know how to say the name just keep on reading this post. If not, you can just click away of course.

Of course there are 'easy' names on wikia like for example 'Peter...' and 'Daisy...'. If you also know what country the user come from you can definitely pronounce it the right way.

However when some Russian or Chinese name is joining the chat I don't know how to say it. Instead I don't even know what is written. If you really want to know you can use a translator. And often just asking the user himsef/herself isn't a problem either.

And then there are also the names like I chose (2Actimv is my username out here if you still don't know ;P) to use. Sometimes it's maybe just the best to don't know it I think. Especially in the case of my username.

However don't take this all too serious. It doesn't really matter how you say a name. It's unlikely the user himself/herself will ever hear you saying it. And chances are high I've always been saying you're username in the wrong way if you have a, for me, difficult username.

Do you want to share anything about pronouncing usernames? Just use the comment section!