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New Chat Skins

2Actimv December 16, 2014 User blog:2Actimv
As you may know I've already made some chat skins (xmas and xmas 2) for you. Now I've made another two skins which you may like if you're not in the Christmas mood at the moment. Of course you can use them after Christmas as well.

How to get it?

A chat skin for people who like it to have everything straight.
PrntScr Basic Chat Skin
/* Basic Chat Skin (2Actimv) */
@import "";
global.css wikia.css
If you want to get one of the designs you only have to add the code to either w:c:community:Special:Mypage/global.css or Special:Mypage/wikia.css. You can also click on one of the buttons to go directly to the page. If you add the code to global.css you'll see the chat skin on all the Wikia wikis when you open the chat. If you add it to wikia.css it'll only work on this wiki. Of course you can add the code or another (chat) code to other Wikia wikis on a personal wikia.css page. If you want you can also add a skin to the whole wiki. Then you can add it to MediaWiki:Wikia.css (Special:CSS). Of course don't forget to refresh after publishing your edit and then it has to work after several minutes! A chat skin for everybody who loves chocolate.
PrntScr Chocolate Chat Skin
/* Chocolate Chat Skin (2Actimv) */
@import "";
global.css wikia.css

Let me know!

Do you like it or have you found a bug please let me know! I'd also like to thank JosephHawk for the idea of the chocolate theme!

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